Insurance coverage policy

Insurance Coverage Customer’s responsibility:

  • Provide us with all insurance information necessary to file your claim

  • Notify our office of any changes or loss of insurance coverage

  • Pay all deductible and balance remaining after secondary insurance is filed

  • The customer is responsible for payment in full of all claims not covered by insurance. Your will be informed before delivery if we know that an item is not covered and assignment will not be accepted.

  • Any arrangements or agreement for payment other than those described above must have approval from the Location Manager. Special terms and approval signature must be documented on original paperwork.

    Medicare Claims:

    If Medicare is your insurance carrier and denies payment, you will be notified. At that time, if you wish to keep the equipment, it may be converted to private rental. If Medicare assignment is accepted, at not time will the charges on those items be more than the yearly deductible plus the 20% that Medicare does not pay. In many cases, the deductible amount and 20% is paid by other insurance. We will follow through with the appeal process on Medicare claims that are denied. This will be done on non-assigned claims at the customer’s request.

    The customer is also advised that:

  • Inexpensive, routinely purchased durable medical equipment may be rented or purchased.

  • There will be a minimum of one-month rental on all equipment rentals.

  • Rental charges will be assessed until we are notified to puck up the equipment.

  • Any charges incidental to the use or operation for the equipment (such as electricity) is the responsibility of the customer.

  • There is no charge for delivery or pickup of rental equipment.

  • All claims, assigned or non-assigned, will be filed on behalf of the patient.

Billing and Payment Policy

Customers are responsible for payment in accordance with our company’s terms. Assignment of benefits to a third party does not relieve the customer of the obligation to ensure full payment. Billing third party payers is not an obligation, but rather a service we offer if all necessary billing information and signatures are provide.


We may accept Medicare part B assignment, billing Medicare directly for 80% of allowed charges and billing the beneficiary the 20% payment and any deductible. Presentation of your Health Insurance Card is necessary.


We may provide equipment to Medicaid recipients upon verification and approval of coverage status and medical justification. Presentation of your state Beneficiaries identification Card and personal ID are required.

Private Insurance

We may bill private insurance carriers upon verification and approval of coverage status and medical justification. You are responsible for providing our billing department with all necessary insurance information. Presentation of your insurance card and personal ID are required

Managed Care

We will provide equipment upon approval and authorization from the managed care representative. Presentation of your insurance card may be necessary. Remember, billing third party insurance DOES NOT guarantee payment. Financial responsibility remains with you, the patient.